– High Quality Components

– Protects Battery from Discharge

– Automatic Cut off on Preset Times

– Genuine BlackVue Parts

– Backed by the Australian Importer


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Product Description

BlackVue Power Magic Pro

The BlackVue Power Magic uses advanced power management to ensure your cars battery stays healthy.

The system works by having pre-set cut off voltages to prevent the camera from continuing to operate if the cars/trucks battery drops below a safe level. On 12V vehicles the appropriate cut off voltage is 11.8 Volts.

Features include:

Prevention to discharge Vehicle Battery
Prevention to Reboot Black box/Navigation
Configuring the Voltage to Cut-off the Power
Configuring the Timer to Cut-off the Power
Timer setting : 6hrs ~ Infinity
Semi-permanent fuse usage
Cigar jack connection socket
For 12-24V

Note: The Power Magic Pro is not a battery. If you would like to run your dash cam for extended periods of time such as 10hrs + it is recommended to use the CELLINK-B battery pack.

blackvue power magic pro 002


 Rated Output Voltage 12-24V DC
 Output current Rated current 1A, max 2A
 Output voltage cut-off 11.6~11.8V (±0.05V)

22.8~23.2V (±0.1V)

on the basis of the input
 Output voltage restoration 11.7~11.9V (±0.05V)

22.9~23.3V (±0.1V)

on the basis of the input
 Output Voltage Cutoff Timer 1 ~ 72 hrs


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